The director
Dr. Mahmoud Abbes Amri

Biographie scientifique détaillée de Dr Mahmoud Abbèss Eaamri  سيرة-علميّة.-2020

General secretary
Mr Mohamed Farhi

Statistics of the educational framework for the academic year 2018/2017

Master assistants: 06

Higher Education Assistants: 12

Associate Teachers: 04

Teachers common core: 09

Total: 31

Statistics of teaching spaces

Classrooms: 28 classrooms with a capacity of 32 students each

Language Lab: 2 laboratories equipped with the latest educational program for language teaching

Computer Lab: 4 computer labs

Audio-visual laboratory: an audio-visual laboratory

Fitness Room: a room for sports and cultural activities

Amphi: An amphitheater with a capacity of 150 students

Performance hall: Two rooms for shows and theater

Administrative and workers statistics

Administrative staff: 19

Technicians: 09

Workers: 22

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