Fundamental License in English


The Basic Bachelor in Language, Literature and English Civilization allows students to obtain theoretical knowledge of the English language as well as to gain in-depth knowledge of British, American and English literature and civilization. These studies serve as a springboard for a future career in the world of research and teaching. The Basic Bachelor in Language, Literature and English Civilization also offers students the opportunity to later complete a research master’s degree and doctoral studies.


Students holding a Tunisian bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign diploma (after obtaining the equivalence certificate from the competent authorities within the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) are eligible.

Educational System

In accordance with the current LMD system (License / Master / PhD), the study regime within ISEAHSB is divided into mixed and continuous supervision. The studies are divided into six semesters. Obtaining the license takes place only after the validation of the last and last semester. Each academic year (first year, second year, third year) has two semesters. Students spend supervised homework and various written and oral tests during these semesters and first and second semester examinations at the end of the first and second semesters respectively. At the end of the results of the main session, unsuccessful students have the opportunity to take the exams of the catch-up session. The transition from one academic year to the next is validated only if the student obtains an annual general average equal to or greater than 10/20. The annual average is calculated by adding the average of the first semester and that of the second semester and dividing it by two. In addition, the student can move from the first year to the second year by obtaining 45 of 60 credits allocated to the entire first two semesters.

Principales Perspectives Professionnelles

– Teaching – Research – Interpreting – Translation

Study Path
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