Skills to develop for the future teacher of primary education:
1. Master the disciplinary knowledge and their didactics
2. Act according to the aims, values ​​and challenges of the Tunisian educational system and the teaching methods in force.
3. Act ethically and responsibly in the performance of his duties
4. Adopt a conception of the act of teaching and learning that can make its teaching activity as effective as possible
5. Design and animate teaching and learning situations according to the students and the study plan
6. Evaluate the progress of learning and the degree of acquisition of students’ knowledge and skills
7. Adapt your interventions to the needs and characteristics of students with learning, adaptation or disability difficulties
8. Integrate Information and Communication Technologies for the Preparation and Steering of Teaching and Learning Activities, Educational Management and Professional Development
9. Communicate clearly and appropriately in the various contexts related to the teaching profession
10. Develop reflexive thinking about his teaching practice.

To guarantee the alternation of classes and internships in schools close to students’ homes, it is necessary to act at the level of timetables so as to free students during the internship period (example: in S3 each student must do a 56-hour internship in a school close to his home, therefore, it is necessary to schedule 11-week face-to-face courses to allow the student to complete his internship in 3 weeks spread throughout the semester
The internship takes place in the region where the student lives (with a break of classes for a certain number of weeks)
– Harvesting students’ wishes
– Meeting between the director of the university and the regional director of education in the region to organize the course (distribution of students in schools, information inspectors and directors of schools involved in the accompaniment internship).
– Assignment of students to different schools close to their homes (location of the course) while providing a certificate of official assignment to each student
– Evaluation of the student’s practice by: the inspector, the pedagogical advisor, the master trainer and the school director (need for an evaluation grid)
– Integrative workshop on reflective practice (analyzes of professional practices of the teacher under the direction of the university teacher responsible for the ECUE in question) with the possibility of the assistance of the inspector of education primary

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