Educational System

ISEAHSB fully applies the LMD (License-Master-Doctorate) scheme.

  • The study regime is half-yearly.
  • The courses take the form of lectures, tutorials, and internships.
  • The studies for each semester are completed by supervised homework and examinations. A catch-up session takes place at the end of the academic year.
  • The eliminatory system is in force within the institute. Any student who exceeds 4 absences by subject (mixed system) is forbidden to take the exam.


3rd year Business English students complete a one-month practical internship at the company of their choice. The obtaining of the license is validated only after the defense of the internship report.

3rd year students in Tourist Animation complete a one-month internship in an establishment related to tourism activities. The defense of the internship report will allow a validation of their license.

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